A Whimsical Garden Bridal Shower in New York City

If you’ve ever been to NYC you know how busy it is, with all its traffic and people and skyscrapers. Bride-to-be Elyse wanted to turn the buzz of the city into a playful secret garden for her bridal shower and her dream came true with a little help from GLDN Events. Gramercy Park Hotel was transformed into a gorgeous garden with hanging paper poms and streamers, flowers, and lots of pink, feminine details. Even Elyse wore a to-die-for dress in a flower pattern (and check out the glittering sneakers!). Most of the elements, other than the invitations and venue, were a complete surprise for the future bride, making it even more magical. Thanks to Life in Reverie for sharing these beautiful bridal shower photos with us.

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Photography: Life In Reverie | Event Planner, Stationery, and Favors: GLDN Events | Venue: Gramercy Park Hotel | Dress: Zimmerman | Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent | Floral Design: Gramercy Park Flower Shop | Cake: I Ada Cake


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