Whimsical Bridal Shower Inspiration


What makes something whimsical? If it’s unusual in a playful, light-hearted way, fantastic, yet quaint, mercurial and a bit mischievous. The basic essence is…fun!

I adore the idea of bringing a little whimsy into a bridal shower theme. To do so, think outside of the typical bridal shower box. Pick a point of inspiration, but hold it loosely and let the details fall as they may. Don’t worry too much about color coordination and making things match. Get playful, get wild, get whimsical!

Inside Outside


An outdoor reading nook is totally unexpected, which is why it’s full of whimsy! Set up an “inside” space outside. Decorate with typical household items: bookcases, shutters, comfy chairs, end tables.

Mismatched Treats


Sprinkles and gumballs and ice cream, oh my! This colorful arrangement adds an unexpected twist by filling ice cream cones with popcorn. Create your own whimsical treats by combining salty and sweet or a conglomerate of desserts (like the ice cream cones in a bucket of sprinkles and gumballs).

Rooms of Balloons


Surprise the bride-to-be and her guests with a balloon installation or floating balloons throughout the room.

Teatime Twist

Photo by: Jessie Holloway Photography via Fankous

Photo by: Jessie Holloway Photography via Fankous


A tea party is the perfect theme for a little whimsy. Think mismatches chairs and a table full of teacups and trinkets.

Feminine Whim


Add feminine whimsy with flowing fabrics, lace, plush couches, and of course, lots of sparkle.


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