Vintage Bachelorette Party Themes and Ideas

Vintage can mean a lot of things and covers so many eras, which means if you’re thinking of putting together a vintage themed bachelorette party, you have a lot to work with! First things first, decide what kind of vintage you’re going for – roaring 20s? Victorian charm? retro beach bunny? – and work from there. Then you can send out the invitations asking guests to arrive in all their vintage glory (floppy hats and gloves, housewive tea dresses…) for the most authentic blast to the past feeling.

Vintage Mix

For something totally unique, ask guests to dress in their favorite decade’s attire. You might get everything from a Gatsby girl to a 70’s disco queen. Looking for your own getup? If you don’t have anything in your closet to put together, scour thrift shops for retro outfits and even decor.

Christina McNeill via Bridal Guide


Vintage Inspiration

Start an inspiration board, like this one, with elements you want to include in the party. What’s the overall feel and look?

Jill Olsen via Bridal Guide


Mad About the 50s

How about a Mad Men-esque party? Think 50s dresses and martini tastings. You could even run a Mad Men marathon.

Rebecca Humphries via Polka Dot Bride


Retro Servings

There’s nothing too vintage about food, but what it’s served on can compliment the vintage theme. Depending on what era you’re recreating, teacups and old china might fit the bill or mod prints, plaid, and paisley.

Paige Newton via 100 Layer Cake

Paige Newton via 100 Layer Cake

Pinup Party

The vintage pinup party is popular because it’s classy, sexy, and oh-so much fun. Some ideas: a cute invite with a pinup girl on the front, retro cola bottles, a Marilyn Monroe film fest, and favors wrapped in true pinup style.

Photo Source: She Picked Pepper

Photo Source: She Picked Pepper

Tea, please

A tea party always has that vintage feel. There’s something rather Victorian about it, but you can take cues from any era and even mix and match.

Studio Fotografando Milano via 100 Layer Cake

Studio Fotografando Milano via 100 Layer Cake

Fabulous Flapper

A roaring twenties party is perfect if the bride-to-be loves cocktails, flapper dresses, and dancing the Charleston. And really, who doesn’t love getting all glammed up in fire-red lipstick and smoky eyes?

Belathee Photography via Ruffled Blog

Belathee Photography via Ruffled Blog


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