Shelly’s Bride-to-Bee Bridal Shower

When bride-to-be Shelly said she wanted something fun and casual for her bridal shower, her best friend and maid of honor Janelle delivered. Inspired by a classic gold and black color combination, Janelle came up with the idea to use a bee theme and incorporated it throughout the shower with things like a “What could it bee?” word scramble, honey dippers and jars and honeycomb-shaped cards for guests to write their well wishes on. The shower also had a sweets bar that included the bride’s favorite donuts and black and gold candy like licorice, Lemonheads, gumballs and truffles. DHLogan Photography captured all of the beeautiful moments you see here.

What Janelle buzzed about:

I was actually pulling double duty as the Stationery + Event Designer and Maid of Honor. The bride-to-be wanted a fun, casual afternoon with friends and family and (as the best friend) I really wanted to deliver. Inspired by the bride’s classic style and the classic color combination of black and gold, I went for a bee-themed bridal shower. The theme helped guide the event decor elements, including the honey dippers, honey favors, and black and yellow candy for the sweets bar.”

Photography: DHLogan Photography

Mini Honey Jars: Bonne Maman

Honey Dippers: Clarke Wood Works

Event & Stationery Design: Joan’s Heart

Bride-to-bee Printable Package: Joan’s Heart Etsy Shop

Flowers: Trader Joe’s

Venue: Richmond Marriott West




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