Relaxing Bachelorette Party Ideas

The relaxing bachelorette party is all about quality time with the girls, because although bar hopping and waving one dollar bills at a sweaty man can be exciting and fun, there’s something about spending a quiet evening with a few close friends that warms the heart. And it’s just as memorable. Here are some relaxing party ideas to get you started.

Who can say no to being pampered? Spa day bachelorette parties have been popular for awhile and it’s easy to see why. And whether there’s a budget, you can go all out, or everyone’s broke, there’s a spa party to fit the range. If money’s not an option or everyone agrees to pitch in, consider a weekend spa retreat complete with facials, hot stone massages, lounging by the pool, and mud baths. Not an option? Book a mani/pedi session or create an at-home spa with store-bought facials and have everyone bring their collection of nail polishes. You could even hire a masseuse.

Wine is always a good bet, especially when paired with chocolate. Look for wine and chocolate tastings in your area or recreate one in someone’s home with everyone supplying a bottle of wine and their favorite chocolates. Then get to work figuring out which wine tastes best with which chocolate. Some ideas: fruit-based chocolate with dessert wine, white chocolate with Riesling, truffles with rose Champagne.

Get creative with art classes. Paint-your-own-pottery is wildly popular due to it’s casual atmosphere and do-it-yourself fun factor. So are classes that pair drinking wine with painting on canvas. Plus, everyone gets to take home their own memento!

If the gang lives near a lake, rent a boat and have an on-the-water picnic and have everyone bring their bathing suits for dips in the water. You could even hire a captain for guidance and sailing lessons. The picnic idea can also be transported to the beach, ala Sex and the City. Not near a body of water? Pack up the picnic blanket and head to the park. And if the weather’s ghastly, designate someone’s living room floor as the picnic headquarters.

Remember weekend slumber parties filled with favorite movies, cheesy board games, and lots of junk food? Recreate those fun-filled nights with the grown-up version. Rent movies like Sixteen Candles, have several board or card games going, and pig out on chocolate chip cookie dough, ice cream, and Cheetos.

What’s more relaxing than a quiet afternoon sipping tea? Set up the dining room table or, if the weather permits, a long table or couple of tables outside, with teacups, saucers, spoons, sugar cubes, and everything one would need for a nice cup of tea. Offer a variety of tea flavors and either a full tea with savory and sweet foods or just an afternoon tea with lots of delectable sweets to choose from. For extra fun, have everyone dress up in floppy hats and gloves.


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