Putting Together a Bachelorette Hangover Kit

Bachelorette Hangover Kits

Hangover kit bags by becollective, $14 for 10


We recently featured a few wedding day emergency kits for bridesmaids, but what about the party that happens before the wedding? You know, the bachelorette party? The one that may lead to a morning of headaches, under eye circles, and that lingering feeling of grogginess.

If you plan on throwing such a bash, prepare your girls for the dreaded morning after with a bachelorette hangover kit. It makes for a fun gift and will have everything they need post party.

First, get yourself something to put all the goodies in, like the bag above, a cute gift box, or tote. Etsy has lots of options or you can visit a craft store and design your own with stamps, iron-ons, tags, etc. Here are some free printable stickers if you’re DIY inclined.

Bachelorette survival kit by Sweet Tea Paper, $21

Bachelorette survival kit by Sweet Tea Paper, $21 for 6


Next, fill your box or bag with all of those hangover life savers. Some ideas:

  • bottle of water
  • pain reliever
  • breath mints
  • lip balm
  • makeup remover wipes
  • eye drops
  • disposable mini toothbrush
  • energy bar
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • antacid
  • stain remover pen

Hand them out before the party, then bottoms up!





  1. Hi there, I was wondering if the survival boxes from sweet tea paper come already filled with the items or is it just the box itself? Also how much would it be if I where to get 8? Thank you


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