Popular Bridal Shower Themes

There are some things that never go out of style, like bridal showers and little black dresses. The bridal soiree has been around for centuries, and although in more recent history the party details have included more personal touches and twists, there have always been a few themes to stick around. These have staying power and for good reason. Read on to find out about the most popular bridal shower themes and how you can incorporate them.

Tea Party

The classic tea party, whether laid back or hats and gloves style, just has that certain something that brings good friends and family together to chat over a warm cuppa and pretty sweets. And the great thing about a tea party is that it can be personalized to fit the needs of the group. You can host everything from a morning tea in the garden to a full on high tea at the Ritz. Guests can wear sundresses and floppy hats or tea dresses with petticoats, a la Alice in Wonderland.

For a tea party, arrange petite desserts and finger foods on platters and serve different pots of tea. There’s everything from Jasmine to Oolong and a ton of herbal concoctions. Visit your grocer for ideas or a speciality tea shop.


Beauty Shower

Who doesn’t love a trip to the spa? Beauty showers allow the bride-to-be and her guests to relax in a peaceful environment while also getting fussed over.

Book a day at the spa and one or a few treatments depending on budget and time. If the spa is out of the question, but you’d still like to host a beauty shower, consider turning your or someone else’s home into bliss headquarters. You can supply mani/pedi supplies, hair/face masks, essential oils, and maybe even hire a personal masseuse for a few hours.

And don’t forget the munchies! For a beauty bridal shower, provide healthy snacks like smoothies, fruit and veggie trays, and tea sandwiches.



A kitchen or cooking-themed bridal shower is perfect for those ladies who love whipping up new recipes or couples who are looking to stock their kitchen.

For this theme you can hire a professional chef to teach the group how to cook a dish or keep it simple with cooking games and kitchen presents. For more ideas, see our post on kitchen theme bridal shower ideas.

Photo By: Scott Clark


Wine Tasting

A wine tasting or wine and cheese tasting can be done in-home or out and about. Many cities have local wine bars and wineries that provide group tours. If you want to keep it in-home, ask guests to bring various bottles of wine to build the couple’s wine collection or conduct your own wine tasting and provide finger foods or a variety of cheeses to pair with the wine.


Holiday/Valentine’s Shower

It seems like there’s always a holiday just around the corner, which makes this theme super easy to organize. Valentine’s is one of the more popular holiday themes for a bridal shower and for obvious reasons. Think pink, red, and white, hearts, glitter, roses, and romance! Bake pies and cookies with red filling and cut out hearts. Have guests dress in red. For an activity, set up a Valentine creation table and have guests make their own Valentine’s to give to the bride.

Of course, there are many other holiday options to build a theme around: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Halloween, Easter. Find out what the bride’s favorite holiday is (who says it has to be that time of year? Christmas in July, anyone?) or which one is coming up and go from there!


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