Neon Bridal Shower Inspiration

When you think of neon you probably get visions of 80’s-era spandex and scrunch socks pushed down into high top shoes. Maybe even a side ponytail and gum-smacking receptionist with hot pink nails. Or is that just me? Nevertheless, neon isn’t just a theme of bygone days and cheesy workout videos. It’s made a full comeback and is a super inspiring palette to work with, especially when planning a bridal shower. Just think of all the options!


The great thing about neon colors is that they pop against any neutral tone base, so you can accentuate a dark space with bright greens, blues, pink, etc. like in the photos above or go for a white light look like in the photos below.


I love the diy elements used in this bridal shower: the painted neon dots and spray painted lanterns. Just goes to show that if you can’t find what you’re looking for, make it!

Add a bit of glitz and glamour to your neon bridal shower with sugar encrusted champagne glasses and washi tape in neon colors wrapped around the stem. Gold streamers add a bit of sparkle.



Another diy trick: spray paint the tips of utensils to match the table decor.


And how about some incredible neon tassels and confetti around the cake?


And for bridal shower favors, guests will love these super cute cosmetic cases in neon colors and chevron.


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