Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Shower


There’s something so timeless about Marie Antoinette: her hair, her dresses, her affinity for sweets. She’s the epitome of luxury, decadence and beauty. One can’t help but think about cakes and frilly dresses when they think of Ms. Antoinette, which is why she’s the perfect inspiration for a bridal shower. If you’re thinking about putting one together for the bride-to-be in your life, here are some ideas.


You don’t have to look far to find invitation inspiration. Just pop on Etsy and do a search for “Marie Antoinette Bridal Shower” and you’ll get lots of invitation options. The problem will be deciding which one to choose.

vintage roses invitation

Vintage Roses bridal shower invitation by Cupid Designs, $2.75 each



Pastels, pastels, pastels! That’s the color palette you’ll want to work with. Think powder pinks and blues, gold, white, and yellow. Decorate with pearls, fans, brooches, lace, and roses.

It’s all about decadence when it comes to Marie Antoinette. Set up a divine lounge space with comfortable couches, pillows, blankets, and parasols. If the weather’s nice, consider setting up the space outside – a luxurious picnic of sorts. And vintage furniture and tableware is always ideal.



Photo via Catch My Party

Photo via Catch My Party




It’s all about the sweets at a Marie Antoinette party. And tea, of course.

And oh! Champagne…don’t forget the champagne 🙂





Set up a photo booth and Marie-inspired props to play with.

Hire a professional artist to make personal sketches for everyone.




  1. I like the idea of hiring a professional to make sketches. NIce post!

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