How to Plan a Destination Bachelorette Party

How to Plan a Destination Bachelorette Party

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Planning a bachelorette party is a hefty responsibility in itself, but planning a destination bachelorette party is a whole other ball game. There’s so much to organize and think about – guests, transport, destination, budget – that if you get chosen to carry the party torch, give yourself a pat on the back, pour a glass of wine, and read these tips to help you through the planning process.

Plan the Dates

Try and get a general idea of when everyone can travel. You’ll have to consider people’s work schedules and how long/how far away the party can be. It might mean choosing a weekend getaway to the next town over versus a weekend in Vegas. Unless of course you live nearby 🙂

Send Invites as Early as Possible

Send out invitations plenty ahead of time (like 2-3 months) to let guests know there’s travel involved. This is especially important if flights need to be booked. You might also want to send flight information to guests to make it easier on them. Once a guest has booked her flight, put the information into a spreadsheet (flight number, dates, times, etc.) so you’ll know exactly who to expect and when.

Create a Budget

Get in contact with guests to discuss finances. Is everyone paying their way? Will room and food costs be split? Make sure everyone’s on board with the budget before finalizing booking and activity costs.

Book the Hotel & Plan Activities

Research the destination and book the hotel/plan activities. Have a rough estimate of where most of the partying will be done and find a hotel close by. Kudos if the activities are walking distance or a short cab ride away. Check out The Bach for destination-specific activities, hotels, bars, clubs, and everything in between. Plan the itinerary and send to the guests for feedback.

Touch Base 

Two weeks before the trip, call the hotel to confirm booking. Check in with guests to make sure they know what they need to bring (beach gear, certain dress attire, etc.). Confirm last minute details like transportation issues and where everyone’s meeting. Make sure you have everyone’s cell phone number so you can touch base throughout the initial travel, assuming everyone is traveling separately.


Last, but certainly not least, enjoy the trip! Live in the moment and don’t stress too much about things not going exactly as planned. There may be a few hiccups, but you’ll laugh about them a year from now.



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