How to Plan a Bridal Shower in Less Than a Month


If you’ve found yourself with less than a month to plan a bridal shower, never fear. The key to creating a last-minute, but lovely bridal shower is keeping it simple, sweetie. And just because it’s simple doesn’t mean the bride-to-be won’t love it. Sometimes less is more…except in the stress department. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll barely break a sweat.

Go digital. Forget the fanciful paper invitations and send an e-vite. You can customize your digital invitation at places like Evite and Paperless Post. The invite will look just as lovely and you’ll save a tree or two. If there’s anyone on the guest list that doesn’t do email, give them a quick call or text and let them know the details.

Locate a venue. The easiest venue to host a last-minute bridal shower at is someone’s home. Use your own space or ask friends and family if it’d be okay to use their home/backyard for an afternoon. Other places to consider: parks and outdoor spaces, restaurants, community rooms.

Shop locally. Now’s not the time to scour Etsy or some other online shop for bridal shower decorations. Unless you’re willing to fork over for express shipping and hope nothing goes wrong, it’s best to shop for decorations at local places. If you’re really strapped for time, pick up paper goods like plates and cups at party supply stores. Also, look around at what you or friends/family already have that can be used. Plants and flowers make for lovely decorations and maybe your great aunt has a tea set you can use. Be resourceful. Decorating doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming.

Plan a simple menu. Unless you have all the time in the world to cook up food for the bridal shower, you’ll want to enlist some help. Last-minute foods can consist of meat and cheese trays with a couple of wine selections or finger foods. You can also get food catered or ask guests to bring a dish for a potluck. To keep it really stress free, have the bridal shower at a restaurant where everyone can order exactly what they want.

Easy activities. We’ve got a list of fun and easy bridal shower games you can put together in less than a month. Don’t stress too much about this. For the most part, even if the shower is just an eat and mingle event, guests will be happy.



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