How to Make a Bachelorette Party Photo Booth


Photo booths are popping up like wildflowers in the wedding world. They’re fun, entertaining, and give couples a chance to capture goofy moments with friends and family. Plus, everyone loves taking photos of themselves! So it’s no surprise that bachelorettes are getting in on the fun by creating their own photo booths for the bachelorette party. Wanna have your own photo booth at your party? Here are some tips.

Setting Up
Decide what kind of camera you want to use. DSLRs make for the best pictures and sometimes you can rent equipment from a local camera shop if you don’t have one of your own. If that’s not an option, you can use a regular point-and-shoot. You’ll also want to have an auto clicker (aka remote shutter release) so guests can take pictures of themselves. Otherwise, you or someone else will have to manually take the photos.

You’ll also want to consider where to put the photo booth. Make sure it’s out of the way so as not to disrupt the flow of the party. Clear any distractions from the subject space, like decorations, furniture or plants you don’t want in the photos.

To get the best pictures provide good light. If the photo booth is outside you’ll have natural light to play with. If it’s inside you’ll want to consider how much light is coming in and if you need to set up artificial light around the camera. Take a couple of test shots to see what works best.

Photo by: The Party Event

Photo by: The Party Event


Gold Sparkle Backdrop, inkglitter $115.75

Gold Sparkle Backdrop, inkglitter $115.75


Backdrops and Props
This is the fun part! Go simple or extravagant. Create a theme or provide different backdrops and props for guests to choose from. You can find tons of funky patterned backdrops on Etsy or make your own with fabric, bed sheets, streamers, and even altered cardboard (think sequins, paint, stripes, etc.) Drape fabric over a wall, between trees, over a door. Setup colorful streamers and fringe. Hang paper flowers or lanterns. Use vintage furniture as a sitting area.



As for props, the sky’s the limit. Set up a prop area so guests can rummage through and pick exactly what they want. Some ideas:

  • Dress up pieces like boas, tiaras, sunglasses, hats, masks, jewelry
  • Vintage frames
  • Chalkboards for guests to write messages on
  • Funny signs
  • Tea cups
  • Balloons
Glitter Photo Booth Props, Pretty Collected, $13

Glitter Photo Booth Props, Pretty Collected, $13


Photo by: Project Wedding

Photo by: Project Wedding



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