How to Dress Up Bridal Shower Invitations

Invitations might seem like a simple thing, but they’re actually what set the tone for your invited guests. When you’re planning a bridal shower, think about the mood and theme you want to create and extend it to the invites, so that when guests open up that little piece of cardstock they’ll have an idea of what to expect at the party. The great thing about designing invitations is that the creative process doesn’t have to end after you’ve received the actual invite and envelopes. There are many ways to dress up your invitations and make them more eye-catching and fun. Here are a few ways to do just that.


I love the idea of adding trinkets to an invitation. Not only does it add a bit of beauty and charm, the guest can keep the trinket as a memento.


Personalized Stamps

Photo by: Evermine Blog

Add even more customization to the invite by sticking a personalized postage stamp to the envelope. It could be anything from a picture of the couple to something related to the bridal shower theme. Just upload your chosen photo to a stamp customization website and voila!



Photo by: Life Created

Lace, ribbon, and fabric make for pretty additions. Choose colors and textures to match the cardstock and express the bridal shower theme.



Dress up invitations with embellishments you can find at most any craft store. Think tags, beads, buttons, and punches to add details to corners and edges.


Envelope Embellishments

Photo by: Elise Blaha

For a simple way to dress up envelopes, add washi tape and ink stamps.


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