How to be an Amazing Maid of Honor


Being asked to be the bride’s maid of honor is definitely an honor and a role you don’t want to take lightly. After all, she’s asking you to be her right-hand gal! You’ll stand beside her through the wedding planning process, offer a shoulder to cry on should she feel overwhelmed, and laugh with her on her bachelorette night. To be a maid of honor means you’ll help the bride in any way you can, whether that’s with dress fittings or helping her go to the bathroom on her wedding day. So, if you’re ready to go above and beyond your duties and be the most amazing maid of honor known to womankind, read on!

Organize a bridal party get-together. A bridal party meet-and-greet serves three main purposes: it allows the bridesmaids to get to know each other before the pre-wedding events; it gives everyone the chance to exchange contact information; and as maid of honor, you can, if you choose, delegate duties and create an action bridal party plan. The get-together doesn’t have to be anything over the top – just a simple cocktail night at your home will do.

Surprise the bride. Most likely, she’ll be expecting the bridal shower and bachelorette party, so why not give her a real surprise? Hire a photographer for the bridal shower, book a pre-wedding massage for the two of you, or just have her favorite treat on hand the morning of the wedding.

Pack an emergency kit. It’s easy to forget the little things when you’re hours away from getting married. Plan ahead and pack a few emergency items the bride and bridesmaids might need: blow dryer, bandages, sewing kit, scissors, tissues, mints, pain reliever, dental floss, hair pins, etc. It’s also a good idea to pack light snacks and water so everyone, especially the bride, can stay fueled up and hydrated.

Create a playlist. It’s the morning of the wedding and all the girls are in the bridal suite getting ready. Make it even more fun by creating a “getting ready” playlist, and bring magazines for those who need to keep entertained while waiting for hair/makeup/etc.

Manage the details. As the maid of honor it’s your duty to see that things stay organized so the bride can stay as relaxed as possible. This means being the go-to-gal for the bridesmaids and making sure timelines are handed out and appointments set. To go the extra mile, give your phone number to vendors and family members and request that they call you if they have questions the day of the wedding.

Help clean up. Your duties don’t end after everyone says goodnight. Make sure personal belongings are retrieved, the bridal suite/reception area/church is cleaned up, and everything is taken care of so the new Mr. and Mrs. can start their happily ever after in peace.


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