Find the Best Dress for Your Body Type


During wedding season you might find yourself throwing open your closet doors (or maybe boutique doors) and hunting for the perfect dress for all those bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and engagement dinners. But do you know what the perfect dress for your body type is? Wearing a dress that fits your shape makes all the difference in how you look and how comfortable you feel. Figure out what your shape is using the guide below and get an idea of what your perfect dress looks like.


Having a rectangle, or straight/athletic shape, means your shoulders, hips, and waist widths are similar.

Tips for dressing a rectangle shape:

  • cinching and ruching add the illusion of curves
  • pockets add shape
  • keep it snug in the middle and add flare to the bottom
  • peplum adds shape to slim hips

This dress gives curves in all the right places. A padded bust gives the girls a boost and a flare skirt adds width to hips.

Neiman Marcus



An hourglass shape means your shoulders and hip width are similar and set off by a small waist.

Tips for dressing an hourglass shape:

  • enhance your waist with a belt
  • a wrap creates movement and is forgiving
  • find a good bra that showcases your bust

You have the curves, now show them off! This dress has a sweetheart neckline to showcase your upper half, while the bottom half is caressed in curve-loving flexible material.




If you’re a pear shape, your lower body is wider than your upper body, your waistline is defined and your bottom half is rounded.

Tips for dressing a pear shape:

  • a-line skirts cover a full lower half
  • ruffles and gathering at the top draw eyes up
  • keep dresses wide to balance the hips
  • strapless dresses show off arms and even out proportions

A fit-and-flare silhouette is perfect for pear shapes, as the wider lower half balances wide hips.

NMTAH44_mzNeiman Marcus


If you’re an apple shape, your hips are narrow and your shoulders and back are broad. Most of your weight accumulates above the hips.

Tips for dressing an apple shape:

  • create the illusion of a longer torso with v-neck tops
  • wear belts at the smallest part of your waist
  • empire dresses conceal tummy bulge

This sequin dress has a fitted waistline and accordion pleats that flare out.



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