Crafty Bridal Shower Activities

If the thought of  planning a bridal shower packed with conversation starter games and five 10-minute activities makes you sweat, consider rolling it all into one with a craft bridal shower party. Each of these crafty activities are inexpensive and super easy and will have guests creating and conversing in no time.

Scrapbook Pages


Scrapbooks are classic staples in the craft world, and they’re not only fun to put together, they’re a perfect place for keepsakes and good memories. For this activity, ask each guest to bring small items to include in a scrapbook for the bride. Ideally, the items will hold significance for the bride and guest: photos, concert stubs, magazine cutouts that recall a certain memory, etc. At the bridal shower, set up a scrapbook station with glue, scissors, tape, markers, glitter, and other supplies and let each guest have a turn designing a page in the book. Afterward, the bride-to-be will have a beautiful keepsake gift.

Decorated Balloons

decorated balloon

Photo Source: Studio DIY


This craft doubles as a party activity and as decor or gift for the bride. Originally designed for a Thanksgiving get-together, you can easily translate it to a bridal shower. Guests can pen why they’re thankful for the bride-to-be or write a cherished memory. Once the party’s over, the bride will have a beautiful assortment of heartfelt balloons. For instructions on this balloon craft, go here.

Jewelry Design

jewelry design

Photo Source: Knot and Bow


Bring in a jewelry designer or load up on how-to books and set up a jewelry-making station with supplies needed to make custom earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You could even choose to use the wedding colors for each piece and have guests who are attending the wedding wear their creation as a memento.

Flower Crowns

Set up a flower crown station with real or faux flowers, wire, scissors, twine, ribbon, etc. and let each guest design her own. The crowns can then be taken home as a favor or worn on the wedding day.

 Eco-Friendly Mobile


If the bride-to-be is a bohemian nature-loving kind of girl, she’ll love crafting a mobile from driftwood and feathers. It’s as simple as attaching multicolored feathers to ribbon and tying onto pieces of wood. Guests can even paint or wrap ribbon around their mobile.

Potpourri Sachets

potpourri supplies

Photo Source: Free People Blog

Fill the air with the sweet smell of potpourri. Supply guests with fabric, stitching needles, ribbon, and dried herbs like lavender and rose petals and have them put together their own little potpourri sachet. Directions from One Heart Weddings:

  1. Pick out two yards of fabric and a matching roll of ribbon.
  2. Cut the fabric into six-inch squares.
  3. With a stitching needle, weave the ribbon in and out along the border of the squares, leaving enough of a tail on both sides to tie a bow.
  4. Fill the squares with dried lavender and rose buds, cinch with the ribbon and tie.
  5. With the cinched top, the tail of the ribbon can be used to tie the sachets to clothes hangers without the contents spilling out.



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