Classic Outdoor Garden Bridal Shower in Miami

This bridal shower, like all bridal showers, has a love story behind it, and a beautiful one at that. Not only does it celebrate a woman who will soon be a bride, but a mother who has experienced the ups and downs of life and love. I won’t give everything away, but will invite you to stroll through the garden of photos taken by Bluespark Photography, and read the story told by the bride-to-be’s daughter.Classic Outdoor Bridal Shower in MiamiClassic Outdoor Bridal Shower in Miami0002LBBBSP_LIZBridalClassic Outdoor Bridal Shower in Miami0052LBBBSP_LIZBridal0101LBBBSP_LIZBridal 0078LBBBSP_LIZBridal0069LBBBSP_LIZBridal0068LBBBSP_LIZBridalgarden60059LBBBSP_LIZBridal garden7 0041LBBBSP_LIZBridal0105LBBBSP_LIZBridal 0117LBBBSP_LIZBridal garden2 garden3 0202LBBBSP_LIZBridalclassic outdoor garden bridal shower miami0329LBBBSP_LIZBridal0320LBBBSP_LIZBridal
They say that after every great storm comes a rainbow, and never has this been more true than in the life of my mother. She got married when she was just 19 years old to the man of her dreams. Twenty years later, she had two lovely daughters, owned a small house in the city, and had achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. Everything seemed perfect, as it usually does right before a storm.

One summer day, the tempest arrived. She found herself with a shattered heart and a stack of legal paperwork. As time always does, it healed her broken heart, and she found the love of a man when she least expected it. That is the best type of love—the kind that takes you by surprise and opens your heart to new opportunities. He proposed to her a couple of months ago, and we couldn’t be more excited for her! In celebration of my mother’s engagement, I decided to host a shower.

The inspiration for the event came from my mother’s love of gardening and my absolute fascination with greenhouses. The first statement piece I wanted to create was a light installation that I had only imagined in my dreams. Event designer Elizabeth Betancourt of Bella Lilly Studio helped bring my vision to life by adorning a crystal chandelier with silver dollar eucalyptus, hanging amaranthus, and roses. Martell, the founding partner of Mi Vintage Rentals, installed the carefully crafted fixture from the ceiling of a clear tent. And just like that, the space was transformed into a wistful, sun-kissed garden affair.

Everything seemed perfect, as it usually does right before a storm. Nataly Tovar of event design studio La Belle Bohème was styling our antique Indian pushcart with an array of vintage crates and pearly accessories. I had just started to arrange the fine vintage china on top of our rustic farm tables when a disturbing sound of thunder made its way into our garden. At first, slow rain started falling, and then abruptly the rain intensified. The winds were gusting, and our green floor became flooded with water. The downpour seemed endless, and our hopes for a summer garden experience were growing as dark as the sky. We waited patiently for about 30 minutes, but the rain didn’t want to disappear.

Just when I thought we might have to cancel the party, a spark of sunshine came through the tent, and the rain stopped. When we all looked up at the sky in awe, a rainbow was forming. And I humbly thought to myself, “After every great storm, a rainbow really does come.”

One by one, all the pieces were carefully dried and rearranged. Vanessa of Ohh My Sweetness started plating her graceful edible artwork. Our spirits were raised, and our adrenaline was pumping! Although the rain had delayed our creative process, it had not wrecked our creative spirit! We were more motivated than ever to execute the vision. Everything was vibrant and beautiful, just like a rainbow after a great storm!

Photography: Bluespark Photography | Event Design and Planning: La Belle Boheme | Flowers: Bella Lilly Studio | Desserts: Ohh My Sweetness | Vintage Rentals: Mi Vintage Rentals | Invitations: Creations by Veronica


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