Candy Crush Saga Bridal Shower Inspiration Shoot

Candy aficionados rejoice! Are you ready to get over the moon excited? If you’re a big gamer of Candy Crush Saga then today is your lucky day. Kelley of Teacup Floral crafted a bridal shower inspiration shoot filled with sweet candy inspiration. And of course when you have Andrew Kennedy Photography to capture it all you have the perfect sugary explosion.

From Kelley: Inspired by the game Candy Crush Saga, we created a ‘happy hour’ bridal shower complete with signature cocktails and a candy buffet.  In addition to the obvious (candy), we took a lot of details from the game such as the rolling hills, the gold lettering, the yeti, and we built up each detail into a cohesive design.  

  *To add maturity to the youthful color palate, we created flower and candy filled terrariums in apothecary jars.   
 *The gift card collector was a mailbox turned yeti. 
 *The bride’s hair was styled into the shape of a bow (to mimic the main character).
 *The cake included icons from the game
 *Giant balloons flown at sunset top off a whimsical day with the girls
Sweet Photography: Andrew Kennedy Photography : Delicious Cake Artistry: Lina Cucina | Candied Hair & Makeup: Gloss | Divine Floral Arrangements: Teacup Floral | Sugar Crush Stationery: Sealed With Appeal | Sweet Venue: River Ridge Golf Club | Gorgeous Models: Emily Dowing, Jessica Ford, and Jenn Ryan

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