Butterfly-Inspired Bridal Shower

Butterflies are such a delicate, beautiful creature, it’s no wonder they’re highly adored. I think they’re just the right symbol for a bride-to-be: once a single caterpillar, now a blushing butterfly flying on the wings of love. If you’re planning a bridal shower and need some inspiration, look to the lovely winged creature and incorporate her beauty using these ideas.



A pretty in pink (or choose one of the wedding colors) invitation suite with a butterfly motif. This one, from Lisa of Ink and Paper, comes with a custom address label, glitter metallic place card, and pink crystal embellishment adorned to the invitation.



You don’t have to spend a fortune on bridal shower decorations when there are easy and affordable tutorials like the ones above.

Martha Stewart shows you how to create a butterfly wing template that you can fasten to paper lanterns and straws.

A tealight lantern makes for a beautiful centerpiece or as pretty outdoor decor.

And a butterfly bouquet? It’s as easy as filling a jar with Baby’s Breath and topping the arrangement with butterfly stickers.



Sometimes desserts are so beautiful, they might as well be part of the decor.

Ask your local bakeshop if they can concoct a butterfly-inspired sweet, like these cake pops and cupcakes.

Or summon up your own baking goddess and make these too-pretty-to-eat Purple Ombre Mini Cakes.



These are the kinds of gifts guests will love:

Butterfly cards can be planted in sunny spots and, with a little water and a lot of love, will sprout wildflowers.

A gorgeous temporary tattoo with geometric shapes is perfect for the bohemian butterfly.

Wrap everything up in a mini canvas tote.


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