Bridal Shower: All in the Details

It’s the little things in life that make a big impact, so when planning a bridal shower don’t overlook those small details that will really make the bride-to-be smile. It can be a personal touch, something you know she adores, or something you handcrafted. And you can add those special details to everything that makes up a bridal shower, from the decor to the food to the favors. Here are some ideas.



Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Fresh blooms are the ultimate detail when it comes to bridal showers. Who doesn’t love the sweet scent and beautiful aesthetic they add? Tie them to a chair, color coordinate with the theme, use them as drink stirrers, create a monogram. The possibilities are endless and guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Photo by: J. Lynn Images

Photo by: J. Lynn Images


Aren’t these the cutest cake toppers? Even a small detail like this can really up the ante and show the bride-to-be that you didn’t overlook a single thing. When looking for toppers keep the theme in mind or think about something the bride would really enjoy seeing. Maybe she’s a pink glitter kind of gal or loves cute little birdies. Shop around and see what you can find to match her interests.


I love these little notepads and pencils for bridal shower activities. If the bride-to-be is a writer or even a designer of some sort, she will definitely appreciate something like this. Switch up the typical printed off paper games with a uniquely designed/handmade activity book.

Photo by: Her Umbrella

Photo by: Her Umbrella


Here’s another fun bridal shower detail to include: having guests fill out customized advice cards and hanging them for the bride-to-be to read. Not only do they hold sentimental value, they make for the cutest window decor.


Bridal shower favors can be lame or they can be luxurious. I’d opt for the latter, like handmade soap wrapped in burlap and sealed with a kiss. Even better, set up a favor table with a love note to your guests. When it comes to the details, it’s all about going the extra mile.


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