7 Steps for Planning a Bridal Shower

7 Steps for Planning a Bridal Shower

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


You already know the who, what, when, and where of planning a bridal shower, so let’s talk details. Specifically, what are the steps for planning a bridal shower? Preferably steps that are simple and as stress-free as possible. Here’s a handy little guide to planning a fun bridal shower with ease.

1. Talk to the bride. You’ll need to find out who she would like to invite, but remember that anyone invited to the party should also be invited to the wedding. Keep in mind your venue space and how many people it can accommodate. You can also find out if the future bride has a gift registry, and if not, recommend she set one up so that to include in the bridal shower invitations.

If you absolutely want the bridal shower to remain a secret, then you’ll need to discuss these things with her mom or fiance.

2. Set a budget. Make a list of everything you’ll need and determine a budget. Will you be covering all the costs or will people chip in? If the latter, be sure to let the appropriate people know what is due and when.

3. Choose a theme. If you’ve talked to the bride about what she might like, use those interests to help you create a bridal shower theme. You can also do something simple like create a theme around her wedding colors.

A bridal shower doesn’t have to be as extravagant as the ones you see on Pinterest. Simple decor like flowers and candles can be beautiful and just as appreciated.

4. Plan the menu. The time of day will determine what kind of food you’ll serve. For a morning shower, a light breakfast or brunch works well. A late afternoon party might call for finger foods and cocktails. An evening shower is a perfect time for dinner at her favorite restaurant.

The theme can also help you plan the menu. For example, if it’s a bridal shower tea party, small sandwiches and desserts are acceptable.

5. Determine the activities. What kind of games or activities do you want to include? If you’re hosting the shower at your or someone else’s home, consider ice breaker games and one larger activity.

If the bride is interested in something more out-of-the-box, consider a painting and wine party, yoga in the park, or museum scavenger hunt.

6. Send out the invitations. Once you have all the details worked out, it’s time to send the invitations and collect RSVPs. Will you send out paper invitations or digital? If you’re going the digital route, make sure you check in with the guests who may not be as tech savvy by giving them a call.

7. Welcome guests. On party day, welcome guests by introducing yourself to those who may not know you and point out important places like where to put gifts.

Once the shower gets started you might find yourself pulled in every which way, but remember to have fun. As long as you’re organized and have these steps taken care of before the day of the bridal shower, things will go smoothly and everyone will enjoy the party you’ve planned.


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