7 Couples Shower Games Every Guest Will Enjoy


For anyone who has ever been to any kind of shower – be it a baby, bridal, or some other kind of shower – knows that the activities can sometimes be…lacking. Maybe the games were lame, didn’t exist (which can be a blessing at times), or were too anxiety-inducing to be appreciated (perhaps ice breaker games for shy people should be a thing).

So if you’ve been put on shower game duty you’re probably wondering what kinds of activities will suit the crowd, and especially if the guys have been invited. How do you please Nana, the fiance, and the bride’s best friends all at once? Are there games that aren’t embarrassing and don’t involve toilet paper?

Yes and yes!

Here are some ideas for couples bridal shower games that everyone can enjoy.


Nearly-weds is a spin off of the classic Newlyweds game in which the nearly weds, most recently wedded, and longest wedded couples face off in a series of questions submitted by the guests. The point of the game is to find out how much (or little!) each couple knows about each other. Anyone can act as host, such as the maid of honor and best man. The couple who gets the most questions right wins the game.

Who Knows the Couple

This game is similar to the Nearly-weds game except that the questions are posed to the guests. Guests are broken up into teams and asked a series of questions related to the couple. The team with the most points wins.

Movie Quote Game

A movie-quote matching quiz is easy to customize and put together, as well as fun for people of all ages. All you have to do is pick out a few famous romantic films (or whatever genre you’d like) and pull quotes from each. Guests then have to match the quote to the film. If you’d like an example of the kinds of movies and quotes to use, check out this printable movie/quote matching pdf.

Geek Out

Do you have a theme for the couples shower? Maybe they are huge fans of Harry Potter or go gaga over a certain football team. Use the couple’s shared interest as a starting point for creating the shower activities. For example, have guests dress in costume and have a costume contest or rounds of trivia.

Write My Vows

This game is kind of like Mad Libs, but with a twist. Choose a starting person (most likely yourself or the host) and have him or her write “I vow to…” on a piece of paper. Once it’s written, the paper gets passed to the next guest. Then, the player with the sheet of paper writes a line of the vow and, before passing along, folds the paper so that the next player doesn’t see what was written before. Repeat until everyone gets a turn, then have the bride and/or groom read their vows.

Telephone Pictionary

Remember the telephone game where everyone sat in a circle and the first person whispered into the second person’s ear a message. Then the message would get passed around the circle until the last person receiving the message had to repeat it out loud? Most of the time the message was slightly off, which is what made the game fun. Telephone Pictionary is like that, except the message is a drawing.

To start, have the host write a word on the first page of a notepad. The next person to get the notepad has to draw the word to their best ability. The next person in line has to look at the drawing and make a guess as to what it is and write it down. Then the next player has to draw a picture based off the previous person’s guess. The game continues like that until the notepad is back in the first player’s hand. How far off will the drawing be from the original word?

Wedding Mad Libs

Want to play Mad Libs, but are afraid the prompts will result in endless innuendo? Check out these various wedding Mad Lib printable sheets that are tasteful (much to Granny’s pleasure) and enjoyable. Pick out a few or create your own, then pass them around to teams of guests or have guests call out the nouns, verbs, etc. When the cards are filled out, have the bride and groom read them aloud!


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