5 Things a Bridesmaid Should Never Do


As a bridesmaid you know all the stuff you should do: support the bride, throw a few pre-wedding parties, and be a much-needed help on wedding day. But what about the stuff a bridesmaid should definitely not do? Check out this list before you commit a major bridal party don’t.

Your dress is ugly, everything is too expensive, you have too many responsibilities. Get over it! Or at least keep mum. Even if the dress color looks horrible with your skin tone, it’s only one day, then you can donate it or alter it or throw it in the back of your closet. Remember, this is your friend’s wedding and she gets final say. Complaining will only lead to stress and friendship frustration.

Don’t leave things like dress fittings and purchases to the last minute. The bride-to-be is on a timeline, which means you are too. She’s counting on you to get things done so you, and she, can check things off that wedding planning list. Help a girl out and get things accomplished as soon as possible.

Expect the Bride to Pay
Before you say yes to being a bridesmaid, assume that you will be covering the costs that go with it. Travel, gifts, dress, hair, all of it. The bride might cover a few things, but it’s best not to expect that she will. If you don’t think you’ll be able to cough up the dough, politely turn down the responsibility or talk it over with the bride and see if you can work something out.

Party Hardy
It’s wedding day and you’re downing signature cocktails like there’s no tomorrow. Pretty soon you’ll be dancing on tables or crying about the breakup you went through last year. Don’t let this be you! Enjoy yourself, but remember that it’s not your day. You’re a bridesmaid because your friend knew you’d be there for her on her wedding day. Don’t steal the sunshine and let her down.

Gossip About Other Bridesmaids
There might be a chance that you don’t like or get along with another bridesmaid. Refrain from gossiping about her and causing mischief between the bridal party. Everything that happens between the bridal party also affects the bride and she’s already stressed with wedding planning. Suck it up and do your best to be civil. After it’s all over you can go your separate ways.


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