Bachelorette Party Cake Inspiration

Invitations are sent, balloons blown up, champagne stocked and ready. Now how about that cake? Here’s a sweet sampling you can custom order or bake yourself!

Ladies loooove corset cakes; not only can they be baked into any flavor, but they’re cuztomizable and fun to decorate. This one’s filled with cappuccino and mascarpone cheese. Get full directions and step-by-step pictures here:

Source: Roxy’s Kitchen


From hair to clothing, ombre is super cool and mega gorgeous. And now it’s made its way to cakes. If the bride-to-be is a fan, use her favorite color as the go to shade for the cake. And the ombre can be done on the outside as well as the inside. For full instructions on how to craft this pink ombre confection, click the pic!



Source: Betty Crocker


Cupcakes never go out of style and there are endless flavor and design options. Take a look at these cupcakes made to look like high heels! Recipe found here:



You can also go as simple (but no less cute) as adding a cupcake topper. Find all shapes and styles on Etsy or, if you’re feeling crafty, make them yourself!

Source: Google


Looking for something cute and healthy? A cake made of fruit should do the trick.



A Kit-Kat and M&M cake? Truly sinful and delicious. Get the recipe here:

Source: Making Life Delicious


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